Sport is big business! We understand the needs of team owners, event organiser and sponsors as well as those who’s business are sports based products to make money.

Whether it’s creating business plans or helping to raise finance our team has decades of experience to bring. In sponsorship we understand the needs of publcity conscious brands who need to be able to demonstrate a return on investment as well as the need to preserve the integrity of the sport.



Having sat on both sides of the table both as event managers and sponsors our team understands the needs of both sides in contract discussion. Often involving large financial commitments the need to be clear about what both parties bring and what returns can be expected is the starting point for all concerned.  We bring a combination of brand specialist, team and events managers plus professional advisors from the law and finance to help manage whoever you are through these complex discussions.

Monetising your event...

team or sporting personality

Success comes at a price not just in terms or dedication and effort but often financially. Knowing how to monetise the assets you have whether a venue, an event or a team or individual can be a challenge especially when it’s not your skill set. We bring a wealth of experience of how to bring often much needed revenue or investment. 

Branding, advertising and public relations

Whether you need a team identity or new livery for a venue or need to promote your sporting event on TV, radio or online or experience team of media professionals create world class campaigns to meet your needs.  From logos to websites, from TV advertising to kit design and outdoor advertising take a look at out teams portfolio.

Finding sponsor and investors

Many good ideas never go anywhere without funding. Our extensive industry contacts and experience mean we are able to source potential sponsors and investors as well as help you make a winning pitch.

Product placement and branding

For brands often spending significant amounts of money we work with venues, teams and event organisers to help meet the demands of brand placement in a crowded market place to ensure a return on investment second to none for the sponsor.

Selling or buying sporting assets

Perhaps you want to buy a team or a venue or perhaps you want to sell one. We bring together buyers and sellers often sourcing finance and helping to cerate a deal structure that works. From valuation through to deal negotiation we work we all those involved to ensure happy and profitable deals get done.

Business planning and financial management

Whether it’s a one day event or a three years team plan we bring together experience from engagement, accounting and legal to create business plans that work and stand the course of time.

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