We work with sponsors, rights owners, Governments and international sporting organisations to create profitable world class sporting spectacles.

We believe sport is an important part of a healthy community, so we work with organisations including city authorities and sports associations to maximise public participation in and enjoyment of sport whether individually or through amazing mass participation events. 


Creating world class sporting spectacles

Often working with cities or venues we help create sporting spectates which inspire and motivate those who participate as well as the audience.  Whether its concept design or full event management our team brings together a world of expertise

Elite and private access events

Whether it’s professional or for the amateur we work across the range of sports to create and manage elite events as well as limited access private events giving privileged access to sporting heroes.

When the world comes to town...

The Olympics, the Tours & global events

Today great sporting events move around the world whether it’s the Olympics or a yacht race events move across continents. Helping to win those events for your town, city or country we bring together a world class team who have worked on winning bids for locations around the world. Once a location has won a bid we work with individual organisations to help them maximise the opportunities that come with those prized events.

When big is beautiful…

Creating mass participation events

Sports should always be about participation whether locally, regionally or nationally. We work with hosts to maximise public participation in and enjoyment of sport whether individually or through amazing mass participation events. 

Sports tourism and destination marketing

Sports brings people and people bring spending power to a community, a city or a region. Perhaps you’ve never thought of how creating a sporting event could help make a real difference to a local area by bring in tourists filling bedrooms, spending money local and creating jobs. We bring together expertise from those who have done just that for their city or their locality.  Perhaps there’s already under utilised facilities such as venues, beaches, our door spaces or gorgeous locations that have never been thought of or have fallen into disuse. Pour team can help cerate a new vision that’s both commercially viable.

Event and venue promotion

Our specialist team of branding designers, advertising and marketing experts bring together a hoist of experience in promoting events and locations. Whether it’s an online campaign to attract thousands to an event or the rebranding of a stadium we’re here to help.

Building a country...

or city brand one sport at a time

In a competitive world where countries, cities and towns are conscious of their brand and their ability to attract jobs, investment, tourism and create prosperity, sports can be a powerful tool. Putting a towns name on the map or helping build confidence in and awareness of a country brand can all be enhanced by a great sports event which is known around the world such as the London Marathon or a team’s association with a country brand such as Manchester City and Abu Dhabi or a major sporting event such as the Tour de France. Our team has worked with governments, cities and commercial organisation around the world to develop programmes to tie sports to driving great brand awareness as well as demonstrable economic returns for all involved.

A champion is defined not by their wins but how they recover when the fall.

Serena Williams

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