Sport is big business! We understand the needs of team owners, event organiser and sponsors as well as those whose business are sports based products to make money.

Whether it’s creating business plans or helping to raise finance our team has decades of experience to bring. In sponsorship we understand the needs of publicity conscious brands who need to be able to demonstrate a return on investment as well as the need to preserve the integrity of the sport.



We’ve spent a life time on both sides of the deal, as athletes and team managers. Our team is trusted across the sporting world. From our unique perspective, we bring a proven approach to successful negotiations. When the talking is done, we look after the paperwork and make sure what's agreed is what goes in the contract!

If things go wrong, we’re there to help as well. When it comes to a move or a change in directions, we’ll have worked with you to ensure you make the right choices on the right terms.

Turning good teams into great

While great athletes can succeed on their own so much of sport is about teams and working together. Pulling together a good team can be hard enough but turning it into a great team requires special skills and experience. Often an art as much as a science team building needs a mixture of training, tactics and psychology not to mention leadership. We’ve build great teams. We’re don’t just teach theory we get hands on involved.

Commercial Sponsorship

Negotiating with sponsors is both time consuming and tough. Our team brings many years of experience from forging the best sponsorship partnerships for all concerned.

As part of the 7evenplus2wo family, we understand your need to balance sporting considerations with commercial demands. We are here to represent you and maximise your commercial returns, but never compromise sporting integrity.

Manage your life

Time is not something a professional athlete has much of, so making good use of free time is vital and managing a home, your family as well as a career is a handful for anyone.

At 7evenplus2wo we understand that and our team is here to help in every aspect of your life. We provide a dedicated - 24 hour a day, seven days a week - concierge service, wherever you are in the world, with your own named personal assistant on standby. If you need to fly to an event or arrange dinner with a friend, even need your car serviced or find a school for your daughter, we’re there to help aswell, through our dedicated concierge team.

All of this and more is part of our commitment to world class service for all our clients.

Personal Brand Management

As a competitive professional sportsman, your biggest asset is your brand and your success. Both directly influence your potential earnings in sport with a great brand and reputation being vital to a profitable career. Our branding team will develop a personal brand map, create a personalised PR plan and in addition to helping you create your own brand, our team provides day to day PR support and media relations as needed.

As your career successes grow, so will your brand. Our job is then to help you make the most out of the opportunities we create with sponsors, team owners and the media.

Lifestyle Management

As a 7evenplus2wo client, we bring you a team of experts in wealth management and tax planning.

Beginning with creating a financial plan, we provide advice on all sorts of financial decisions including: pension advice; life, critical illness and health insurance; property purchasing and investment; school fee planning, and vehicle purchase and leasing. Naturally, our team meets the highest industry standards and are registered regulated financial advisors

Event Organisation

We organise great events! Our event team brings together expertise in organising events from mass participation sporting events through to press conferences and product launches. We’ve worked with Cities and Government to bring sports to their streets and stadiums while we have created events to remember for teams and clubs.

If you are a sponsor we know you need world class events to show case your product and our team brings innovative ideas to all sorts of events from small to large. As well as working with clients we create and organise our own events. Keep an eye out for 7plus2 events rolling out late 2019. We look forward to seeing you.

Life Planning

From Johan Bruyneel’s personal experience of being an athlete and then a team manager, we are well placed to understand athletes needs.

All clients will complete an initial interview and profiling process and from this specific, recommendations will be made to suit each case. Clients will work with the team to create a 3 to 5 year life plan, covering all aspects of their professional career, money and family.

All clients will have regular three month assessments and complete an annual ‘Life Check’ report and using proprietary life planning tools developed for us, we work to develop a comprehensive life plan

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.

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